Wedding checklist.

It's all in the details.

Name *
Please include the time that I start and stop photographing * and mention important elements (such as traditions, speeches, performances or other beautiful/photogenic moments)
Are there maybe certain people, locations, jewelry or a form of transport that deserves special attention for the photography?
* Is there a dresscode? * Are there other video-, or photographers? * Will you be going on honeymoon after the wedding (and if yes, when & where will you go)?
Please tell me your good weather and bad weather shoot location.
Names and telephone numbers.
Here you can fill in all the addresses I need to know for your Big Day: - Getting ready bride & groom - Locations for the photoshoot - Ceremony (civil & religious) - Reception - Dinner - Party
I believe in giving credit where credit is due. You can think of invitations, wedding rings, jewelry, wedding dress & suit, make-up & hair stylist, flowers & bouquet, stylist, wedding planner, wedding cake, caterer, venues, videographer, music, etc.