As most of us probably think the world needs to be a better place, it’s often said it all starts with yourself. Unless we can create a bigger change when we do it together. This wasn’t per se the main reason I choose for industrial design engineering, but later on in university it gained more gravity in my perception on today’s society. I am a type of guy that imposes high standards on himself. There’s always something that can be better. That keeps me eager to work on the project, for better or for worse. Yes, I said it. I’m honest, but that’s (mostly) for the better.

As I think design should be meaningful, so should life itself. In my case I consider everything as a life experience, learning from every event so we can enjoy more the next time. When I said ‘for better or for worse’ I referred to this learning process. A burn-out had to made me conscious of this, the tipping scale before then of ‘for better or worse’ leaned far out into worse. Coming back from this didn’t make me less critical, but a more conscious and efficient person.

To philosophise a bit more, I believe industrial design is the corner stone of product innovation. And I love it. The complexity. The challenge. The search for the golden egg and let’s make the impossible possible. And how much it can invoke people and everything that is involved. I’m not saying I’m the master genius, but I’m quite enthusiastic about this to say the least.

Thank you for landing on this page and taking your time to read on. Scrolling down you’ll find a list of highlighted design projects. Each project has its own project page, explaining more about the project goal, process and argumentations and results. Also, I’ve included a curriculum vitae.



Phase One - Momentum

In my graduation project I designed a new camera platform for world’s leading camera manufacturer Phase One where I focused on increasing the potential of a new modular system and its usability.


Ambulance Drone 2.0

With a team we designed the second generation Ambulance Drone, an emergency response network of drones for cardiac arrests. The goal was to iterate on the first generation by Alec Momont and deliver a fully working prototype.

Pelican on the wall.png

Van Houtum - The Pelican

Toilet paper manufacturer Van Houtum that produces cradle-to-cradle toilet paper, wants to do the same for their paper towels. With a small design team we proposed a concept that closes the loop for paper towels and creating a sustainable business model.


Dronten - busabri

During my internship at Fabrique Public Design, I designed in a small team 6 unique bus abris for the city Dronten. To complete the new train station, the city wanted to have a unique bus square that would celebrate the city’s image and undependability.